Between 10th and 11th Avenue / South of Mckinely / North of Grand Avenue 

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About the Project 

The Triangle Neighborhood Association hopes to use the Alley Mural Project as a way to beautify our community and develop a sense of connection amongst neighbors. Hu-O-Te Park is a small community park at the NW corner of McKinley and 11th Ave. It has a large, drab grey block wall with patches of painted over graffiti that serves as the back drop of the playground. It is the ideal spot for a neighborhood driven mural. The families of this neighborhood deserve a bright and vibrant place to gather and for their children to play. Murals encourage creativity, discourage graffiti and help to create a sense of neighborhood pride. This is phase one of a multi-phase project that will eventually cover the walls of this entire alley and connect the interior of the Triangle Neighborhood with the businesses along Grand Ave.